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Music Ideas for your Wedding or Event

With so much music out there we thought we would help get a good start on selecting music for your wedding or event.   
Wedding Ceremony Music Styles

When selecting music for your ceremony let us know if you like Traditional, Modern (strings), Acoustic Guitar, or Piano.  Here is a playlist with examples of each style.  Once you decide your style and what songs you want for your prelude and during your wedding.  Remember you can also just select specific songs however we want to know your style. So if you just say Cannon in D - we need to know your style. Check out this playlist and be sure to add your style to your online planner.

Most Requested Song List No Matter What Occasion

We ask you to select your top 10 favorite songs you would love to hear at your wedding or event.  Be sure to add those to your online planner.  If you need a little help don't worry we have you covered.  Check out our Most Requested Songs List for any Occasion.  Don't forget to add any you like to your online planner.

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