Day of Services

The Set Up

Day of Services 
Our Day of Services is added to the Day of Coordination which takes your wedding to the next level by actually helping with your tabletop set-up and tear down.  With the Day of Coordantion we do set up your specialty tables, ie: sign in, gifts table, and unity for ceremony.  By adding the day of services we will set up the entire venue for you encluding all guests tables, Head table or Sweet Heart table and anythings eles you require.  As well as managing vendors and item placement according to your vision.   When you are a DIY Bride and have a venue that is a blank canvas, this is the perfect addition.  Why put your family and friends through the stress of decorating for you?  Let us do it so you and your family can enjoy your special day together.  See the details below to learn more.

2-3 Months Prior to Wedding Day
  • Review online planning tools, worksheets and information we require to set up your vision
  • Venue walk through to verify vision and placement of personal items
  • Discussion with all vendors to verify they are prepared and confirm arrival and delivery times
  • Verify vendor contact lists
  • Create appointed person of items arriving and leaving
  • DIY Tabletop centerpieces with photo and description planning

  • Set up personal items on tables. (Gift table, guest sign-in, Guest Tables with centerpieces, and other decor items you have provided for set up)
  • Set Up tabletop centerpieces based on photo and description in planning
  • Problem solving with any vendor and location management
  • Distribute bouquets and boutonnieres
  • Vendor and supplier management
  • Ensure decor and personal items are setup according to your vision
  • Assist you and your family with any matter that may arise
  • Meet and greet person assigned to take all gifts
  • Provide set-up and tear-down of personal items
  • Meet and greet person appointment for personal decor items 

  • Box up all personal items & decorations in the boxes they came in to give to appointed person of choice
  • Secure personal decor items are with appointed person of choice
  • Ensure all gifts are with the assigned person of choice
  • Verify any rental items or vendor items are returned
  • Follow-up with vendors and suppliers

*No Wedding is the Same!  We do not want to just send you a quote we need to find out details about your wedding day needs so that we can provide the best possible customized quote for you.  Our Wedding Day of Services includes the  Day of Coordination as well.
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